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Alignment, Tire & Suspension Services by City Collision

A car that’s in tip-top mechanical condition starts easily, runs efficiently and performs effectively.  However, none of that matters if you’ve got trouble where the rubber meets the road.  It doesn’t matter how well a vehicle runs if you can’t keep it on the pavement.  A fine-tuned engine, precision transmission and great brakes are important, but consider this: the tire is the only part of your car that touches the road.  Tires are so important that we keep a spare one in our trunk.  No other part can make that claim.  Consider this:

  • Each tire is responsible for supporting ¼ of your vehicle’s weight. The E.P.A. estimates the average weight of today’s cars at over 4,000 pounds.  That means each tire is handling a load of over 1,000 pounds.
  • Tires are responsible for approximately half of your vehicle’s suspension. That means old, worn tires can negatively affect the way your vehicle handles.
  • The area of each tire that touches the road is about the size of your hand. That’s a small portion of space, and it’s responsible for grabbing the road as you turn, accelerate and brake. Even one bad tire can have a tremendously adverse affect on the way your vehicle handles…and that’s a direct threat to your safety.

When it comes to tires, come to City Collision.

Tire replacement, mounting and rotation

Since tires are so important, it only makes sense to invest wisely when it’s time to replace them.  Making the wrong choice can cause problems for the next 3 to 6 years, depending on how many miles you drive.  From annoying road noise to inhibited handling, the wrong tire can become a constant source of aggravation, not to mention a potential safety risk.

The professionals at City Collision can help you choose the right tire for your specific vehicle.  We offer virtually every tire make available for all makes and models of vehicles.  Tire sales, mounting, balancing and rotation: City Collision handles it all.

Keeping things straight

4-wheel alignment & suspension 

Fender benders, potholes and everyday use punish your vehicle’s suspension and alignment.  Misalignment and bad shocks and struts can cause premature tire wear as well as adverse changes in the handling of your vehicle.  City Collision offers 4-wheel alignment services as well as light suspension work to ensure your vehicle drives straight and true.  Bad alignment and weak suspension can lead to some serious problems.  Don’t wait until an accident occurs.  Talk to the pros at City Collision about 4-wheel alignment and light suspension services for your car.

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