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Car Alignment in Pittsburgh, East Liberty, Fox Chapel, Oakland, and Surrounding Areas

A car in excellent mechanical condition starts readily, runs smoothly, and performs well. None of this matters, however, if you’re having problems where the rubber hits the road. It doesn’t matter how well a car performs if it can’t stay on the road. It’s crucial to have a well-tuned engine, a precise transmission, and excellent brakes, but keep in mind that the tire is the only part of your automobile that contacts the road. So, you should be careful where you invest your money. The experts at City Collision can assist you in selecting the best car alignment for your car. For all makes and models of vehicles, we have practically every tire brand available. City Collision has been particularly known because of our best:  

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We believe there’s only one way to keep our clients happy, and that’s to make sure every car we finish is in perfect condition when it leaves our shop. That’s why City Collision employs cutting-edge technology. It’s why we only recruit the best collision repair technicians and have two fantastic repair facilities. We’re a direct repair provider for most insurance companies in western Pennsylvania because we’ve worked so hard to make quality our cornerstone. City Collision is where even the pros go for top-notch collision repair. 


Reputations, whether good or negative, are earned rather than given. City Collision is known for its excellent customer service and high-quality repairs. Since 1991, we’ve strived to provide the kind of service that few people believe is still available. The professionals at City Collision have created a company that is meant to give a memorable client experience. 


Businesses must commit to environmental protection on a long-term basis. City Collision is committed to environmentally friendly procedures that help to safeguard the environment and lower our carbon footprint. 

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