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Automotive Detailing in Pittsburgh, Oakland, PA, Squirrel Hill and Surrounding Areas

Do you own a car? Are you planning to buy an automobile? Have you heard of automotive detailing? Let us, at City Collisions, help you out. It is our duty to keep your car in the best possible condition whether you buy it new from the showroom or you’ve brought it to us after an unfortunate accident. Detailing your car will not only make it look more appealing but will also extend the life of the vehicle. as this procedure involves maintenance of both the automobile exterior as well as the interior, it should not be ignored over a long period of time. For the people of Pittsburgh, Oakland, PA, and Squirrel Hill we have a detailed ceramic coating package for their precious vehicles.

Below we have mentioned a few types of ceramic coating add-ons that you will get from City Collision. Take a look.automotive detailing being done by a man in a red shirt in Pittsburgh

  1. Paint correction

these are charged $100 per hour and it includes complete polishing of exterior paint which will help in getting rid of any minor scratches and imperfections. With the help of this ad, your car will get a glossy look due to the deep ceramic coating.

  1. Trimming

This basically includes cleaning and wiping down exterior trim. Charges for this are about $125 per hour. With regular usage, your car color becomes dull and looks faded: nothing that can’t be fixed with a layer or two of GT quartz trim coating.

  1. Leather

For the interior of your car to look swanky best we add clean and wipe down leather surfaces. With the help of two coats of GT quartz leather quote coating, your car will look as good from the inside as it does from the exterior.

So, if you need any professional help regarding automotive detailing. You can give us a call at 412-471-9995.