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Windshield Replacement in Pittsburgh

The windshield on your vehicle might last as long as the vehicle does. Or it might suffer damage and need to be replaced. When you are in the market for a windshield replacement in Pittsburgh, look no further than City Collision and their glass specialists. They have more than 20 years of experience dealing with windshield replacement and a host of other vehicle issues. But when does your windshield need replacement, what issues would cause a windshield to be replaced? Other than having an accident where the windshield is busted, there are a few other scenarios where you should have your windshield replaced by City Collision.

Cracked or Chipped Windshield

Windshield Replacement in PittsburghYou likely have at least one chip in your windshield. Perhaps you have several chips in your windshield. Often, those chips come from rocks or other debris that gets kicked up on the highway or falls off another vehicle. Sometimes those chips can become cracks in the windshield if you hit a bump just right. Or, you might get a crack in your windshield because of temperature differences, such as in wintertime and putting hot air or hot water on the windshield. Some of these chips and cracks are small and can be repaired, but if they get too large, it would necessitate that your windshield gets replaced.

Loose or Rattling Windshield

If you notice that your windshield rattles when you drive, or is loose in areas, this means that you need to replace the windshield and the seal. The seal between the windshield and the vehicle has been compromised and is now loose, either from a small accident or some other impact. With the seal broken, the entire windshield will need to come out, and because the integrity of the windshield is unknown, it should be replaced along with a new seal.

Pitted Windshield

As we drive, many different objects strike the windshield of our vehicle. Sand, dust, small rocks, road salt, and more can slowly make tiny indents in your windshield. These can turn into pitting on your windshield, leading to chips or cracks in your windshield, as well as just distorting your visual field of view. A windshield replacement is a must at this point, and City Collision is ready to replace your vehicle glass. Contact them today!

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