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Wheel Alignment in East Liberty, Oakland PA, Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, and Nearby Cities

Did you know that you should get your car wheels checked after driving every 6000 miles? This helps ensure that your tires live a long life. With regular wheel alignment, not only will your wheels last longer but you can avoid huge repair costs in the future. Wheel alignment is all the more necessary when you constantly travel on bad roads. If there’s a lot of potholes on your way or maybe just a poorly maintained road, then it is your responsibility as a car owner to go for a wheel check-up. This is where we come in. At City Collision, we house only the most qualified repair technicians in the industry. Since we have been in the business for over a quarter of a century, no issue is too difficult for us to handle. So, whether you need car alignment or repair services in areas like East Liberty, Fox Chapel, Oakland PA, Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill, and Wilkinsburg, we can be the perfect choice for you.

Wheel Alignment in East Liberty, Oakland PA, Pittsburg, Wilkinsburg

Here are two unmistakable signs that your car needs a wheel alignment. Have a look.

  • Deviating Driving

When it comes to wheel alignment, you have to use your senses to understand when your wheels are misaligned. If you notice that your car is pulling to either side of the road, then it could very well be an issue of misalignment. Although it may not seem like a very big problem at the moment, it could encourage accidents in the future as skidding becomes frequent, especially on wet, icy roads.

  • Squeaky Tires

Another signal that you should be looking out for is noisy tires. A well-maintained tire runs smoothly and quietly. If your tires are squealing, then it may be out of tune. This kind of imbalance is also very detrimental. It could lead to rapid tire wear and road accidents later. At this point, you should get a realignment done. 

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