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Auto Body Shop offering Windshield Replacement, Wheel Alignment, Dent Repair, Collision Repair and Auto Body Repair in Fox Chapel, PA

Do you need a Car Alignment? Let our team of experts help!

Car Alignment by City Collision

Getting into an automobile accident can be devastating. Hopefully you won’t encounter any medical issues, especially with the way cars are built today to absorb impacts. But that impact absorption means your car will endure large amounts of damage and may require extensive collision repair. Yet, you need your car now, every day, at any time. We know your life doesn’t stop and you still need to drive to work, school, errands and more, and we have streamlined our services to help you. Let us take care of everything in the repair process to get you back to your life. As a full service auto body repair shop, we handle everything for you from towing to car rental, working with your insurance company to a lifetime warranty on all auto body repairs. That is why we are the one auto body shop that does it all. We’ll take care of your collision repair from the beginning through to the end.

Collision Repair, Dent Removal, and Auto Body Repair in Fox Chapel, PA

As a Gold Class Shop, City Collision helps Fox Chapel residents get their car repaired to the highest level of safety. We’ve passed rigorous training requirements to handle repairing the damage that can’t be seen from the outside. This includes suspension, alignment, airbag and seat belt inspection and more. We have the knowledge to know what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced for you and your family’s safety. Trust City Collision as your local Gold Class Shop.

Auto Body Shop in Fox Chapel, PA

Collision Center

Also, by being a full collision center, we have all the expertise, knowledge and equipment to handle all your light mechanical issues, especially those requiring the same work as you would get from a body shop. For example, Pittsburgh potholes can do a number on your car alignment. We often fix car alignment issues during our normal collision center work and can do it for our customers at any time.  The same goes for wheel alignment, windshield replacement, dent removal and dent repair.

Body Shop in Fox Chapel

Fox Chapel is considered a borough, or ‘junior city’, located 6 miles (10 km) northeast of downtown Pittsburg. The borough has an undeveloped appearance due to the Fox Chapel Area Land Trust owning nearly 300 acres of land that includes large easements around existing dwelling structures. Most of the undeveloped land is kept nature-oriented and solely used for hiking and bird watching. Only 5 acres is used as recreational facilities including an ice skating rink during winter months.

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