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Collision Center for Auto Body Repair, Dent Removal, Wheel Alignment, Collision Repair, and Dent Repair in Oakland, PA

Looking for an auto body shop? You’ve come to the right place!

Auto body repair by City Collision

Getting into any car collision can be dramatic. Even a minor fender bender can cause significant damage and compromise the safety of your car. Today’s cars were designed to absorb the impact in order to protect the passengers. That’s good for safety but means your car can incur a lot of damage and need heavy collision repair. You want to get your car back to its original specifications and that means repairing the inside as much as the outside.

Body Shop, and Windshield Replacement in Oakland, PA

Here are some other services City Collision offers the residents of Squirrel Hill.

• Frame – The frame of your vehicle supports and aligns your entire car. If the frame isn’t correct, panels won’t line up. This will cause gaps between the panels and compromise the integrity of your car.
Alignment – Wheel alignment is essential to the well-being of your car. Bad car alignment can lead to improper handling, shaking and premature tire wear. Added with a weak suspension and you can have some serious problems possibly leading to an accident.
• Frame mounts – Often damaged in collisions, if not repaired or replaced will cause terrible shaking, noise and more. The shifting of the motor could cause cascading damage to belts, hoses and more.

Collision Center in Oakland, PA

Auto Body Repair

At City Collision, we are a full-service collision center for Oakland and the surrounding communities. We have invested in our community and future by becoming a Gold Class Shop Designation. This special designation is earned by committing to ongoing training in auto body repair regarding safety for both the outside and inside of collision repair. We are trained to identify internal safety problems outside normal body shop issues including airbag, seat belt, suspension and more.

We are ready to handle any damage your vehicle has and want to be your one-stop auto body shop.  From towing to working with insurance, deep repair to dent removal, we are happy to offer all body shop services to Oakland residents. Our technicians are ready for all your needs including windshield replacement and dent repair.

Car Alignment in Oakland

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