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Car Alignment in Pittsburgh, Oakland PA, Wilkinsburg, East Liberty, and Surrounding Areas

If you have a car, you will know how important it is to get your wheel aligned. City Collision has been providing all kinds of servicing car services since 1991 because we know that the proper car alignment is necessary to keep your automobile in good shape and safe, as it affects a lot more than just your wheels.  Our technicians are dedicated to providing you the service you deserve. We offer 4-wheel alignment services along with suspension work so that the daily use of your car doesn’t strain your vehicle and lead to serious problems. We believe in promoting environmental protection and hence work towards reducing the carbon footprint. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recognized our efforts in the category of “Best Practices in Collision Repair”

Car Alignment in Pittsburgh, Oakland PA, Wilkinsburg, East Liberty

Below we have mentioned 3 chief reasons why wheel alignment is necessary for your car. Take a look.

  • To increase your car’s fuel efficiency

Your wheels will not be working together like they should if your car isn’t aligned properly. Whenever this happens, your engine has to push harder, using more gas, to get your car moving. It’s only when your wheels are aligned, your fuel efficiency and gas mileage are at its optimum since your engine doesn’t have to use more fuel.

  • To avoid accidents

Without alignment, your car will drift from side to side, the steering wheel might vibrate, your shocks and struts might malfunction, and cause many other risks which might result in accidents. With properly aligned wheels, you can ensure smooth and safe driving.

  • To increase the lifespan of your car

Aligning your tires not only prolong their lives but also protects the car’s suspension. The tires of your car wear out quicker if they are not aligned properly and will eventually lose their grip. With every servicing of your car check the alignment so that all parts work in harmony.

So, if you are looking to align your car in the regions of Pittsburgh, Oakland PA, Wilkinsburg, Fox Chapel, East Liberty, and Squirrel Hill, you can get in touch with us.