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Automotive Detailing in Pittsburgh

The Auto Spa by City Collision

Automotive Detailing in Pittsburgh, PACity Collision is known for its full collision repair, auto glass repair, wheel alignment, dent removal, and light mechanical work. But many Pittsburgh residents are not aware that City Collision also provides high-quality automotive detailing service to automobile and fleet owners at The Auto Spa by City Collision. This only makes sense. After all, who better to detail your car than the company that is known for quality to detail to bring automobiles back to their original condition. With 166 extremely positive reviews on Google, you know you are getting the quality service from the company that takes automotive detailing seriously.

Car Detailing

The Auto Spa by City Collision has three different automotive detailing packages they offer at their Pittsburgh location. All the packages can also be customized, split, or have additional services added depending on individual automotive detailing needs. The Auto Spa by City Collision knows some customers have different automotive detailing needs due to habits, lifestyles, and more. Some clients may need more exterior service due to not being stored in a garage or being located near to pollen-producing trees. Other customers have active lifestyles with natural debris or need to keep their car clean for traveling with clients. Whatever your detailing needs, The Auto Spa by City Collision will customize what you want out of your automobile detailing.

The starting packages include:

  • Standard – exterior with hand wash and interior vacuum and wipe down.
  • Premium – exterior with handwash, degreaser, and wax. Interior with complete vacuum, seat scrub and wipe down.
  • Showroom – the ultimate for discriminating customers! Full decontamination hand wash, degreasing, bug and tar removal, clay bar, and wax. The interior work includes hot water extract for carpets and upholstery, condition leather and plastics, and a thorough vacuum and wipe down.

This is just the shortlist of what the packages include. And, as stated before, anything can be added to a package. Tar removal for the standard package, seat scrub for the premium package, and so on. The Auto Spa by City Collision wants to be sure that Pittsburgh residents get the automotive detailing they need. Quotes for Pittsburgh vehicle fleets are also available. And, once you have your car in showroom condition, we also offer ceramic coating that will keep your car looking for new for years.

Automotive Detailing in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh residents enjoy a low average commute time of an average 22 minutes. While some residents drive longer or shorter, this average time of 22 minutes is quicker than the average commute of Pennsylvania which is 26 minutes. And while the average car ownership is rounded up to one per household, almost 23% of households do not own cars.