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Automotive Ceramic Coating in Squirrel Hill

The Auto Spa by City Collision

Automotive ceramic coating in Squirrel Hill, PACity Collision now offers automotive ceramic coating for Squirrel Hill residents at The Auto Spa by City Collision. If you love the showroom shine of your new car and want to keep it as long as possible, then ceramic coating is for you. Ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection with such good performance that it actually comes with a warranty. If you have been disappointed with waxing or have not had the result you want from waxing, ceramic coating is what you are probably looking for in a protective finish. Ceramic coating not only provides an amazing long-lasting shine and protection, it also makes future cleanings easier and more effective.

What are the things that annoy you the most about your car’s finish? Many drivers will say that it is the elements they cannot control that drives them crazy – bird droppings, bug residue, road deposits, UV light, and other environmental contaminants. And, of course, the one environmental decontamination that drives every Squirrel Hill resident crazy is winter salt. The good news is that automotive ceramic coating can help when it comes to resisting salt contamination and damage. The “non-stick” properties of ceramic coating allow road salt to be easily washed off. This is one of the reasons Road and Track called ceramic coating the future of exterior car protection.

Benefits of Automotive Ceramic Coating

Here are just some of the many different benefits to automotive ceramic coating:

  • Resistant to scratches
  • Water-resistant
  • Protection from UV light
  • Resistant to acid and damage from bugs and bird droppings
  • Reduces swirl marks from future cleanings
  • Simplifies future cleanings

The Auto Spa by City Collision offers three different ceramic coating packages to fit what customers are looking for in terms of protection. The main difference between the different packages is the type of coating and the warranty that comes with it. Warranties start at one year and go all the way up to 10 years. A guarantee of 10 years is an investment in your car looking new while being protected. All packages do require some sort of yearly upkeep but only at two visits a year for wash and ceramic touch-up. For more information on ceramic coating, contact The Auto Spa by City Collision today. 

Ceramic Coating in Squirrel Hill

Can you believe Squirrel Hill started to grow back in 1893 when the first electric trolley was installed? This helped the growth of the neighborhood for workers that worked in local factories. However, other main streets remained dirt roads until 1920. With even more trolley lines built, the available land throughout Squirrel Hill was eventually developed into housing. The trolleys were eventually replaced by buses. And then the Parkway and Squirrel Hill Tunnel built in 1953 opened Squirrel even more.