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Automotive Ceramic Coating in Pittsburgh

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Automotive Ceramic Coating in Pittsburgh, PACeramic Coating has been described by Road and Track as the future and with good reason. Ceramic coating provides the best protection available for your automobile, car, or truck. You might not be familiar with automotive ceramic coating or you might have heard of it but do not know how it works.

Automotive ceramic coating is similar to the science behind non-stick pans but a bit more effective and long-lasting. Ceramic coating is the layer that protects your paint from anything that might damage it. Using nanotechnology, ceramic coating creates the extra layer filling in any scratches and swirl marks no matter how small. The final result is protection with a smooth, glossy, showroom shine.

Here are just some of the many different benefits to automotive ceramic coating:

  • Resistant to scratches
  • Water-resistant
  • Protection from UV light
  • Resistant to acid and damage from bugs and bird droppings
  • Reduces swirl marks from future cleanings
  • Simplifies future cleanings

And best of all for Pittsburgh residents, ceramic coating can protect against the damage done by winter salt. A quick wash off of any salt or road residue is easier with a ceramic coating. In fact, this may be the reason many customers chose to go through with a ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Packages

The package you choose depends on what you want out of your ceramic coating. Are you the kind of car owner that switches cars every few years? Then maybe the Select Package is for you. This comes with a 1-3-year warranty. On the other end, the Titanium package has a full two-coat GT Quartz Titanium primer application followed by two coats of GT Quartz Titanium ceramic coating. The Titanium package comes with an amazing 10-year warranty.

The Auto Spa by City Collision has excellent ratings on both Google and Yelp. So, when it comes to taking care of your car and keeping it looking new, you know you can trust The Auto Spa by City Collision. Their full restoration services have been used by many Pittsburgh residents and recommended to friends and neighbors. For more information on ceramic coating, contact The Auto Spa by City Collision today. 

Ceramic Coating in Pittsburgh

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