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Automotive Ceramic Coating in Oakland, PA

The Auto Spa by City Collision

Automotive Ceramic Coating in Oakland, PAAre you frustrated by losing the new car look on your car within a couple of months? Tired of getting a full wash and wax and then getting bird droppings or bug residue immediately after? Ceramic coating is a great option for those that insist on the best for their car’s appearance or want to protect their investment. Getting the car you have always dreamed of can be a significant investment. You love your car and want only the best for it and to keep it looking shiny and new. It is with these goals that The Auto Spa by City Collision offers top choices in automotive ceramic coatings to the residents of Oakland.

Ceramic coating works similarly to the ceramic coating available on non-stick pans. It creates a layer of protection. And, by using nanotechnology, ceramic coating gets into every little crevice to give a completely smooth finish. This means nothing will get near the factory paint job. In fact, the ceramic coating is impervious to scratches! And, let’s not forget about one of the top protections ceramic coating offers – protection from winter road salt.

Ceramic Coating Packages

The Auto Spa by City Collision offers three different ceramic coating packages to match what you are looking for in terms of protection and warranty.

  • Select – Complete wash and decontamination followed by light compound and polishing. Next two coats of GT Select ceramic coating are applied. This package includes a 1-3-year warranty.
  • Professional – The same preparation as above followed by two coats of GT Professional ceramic coating. This package includes a 5-year warranty.
  • Titanium – Same preparation as the Select and Professional packages followed by two coats of the GT Quartz Titanium primer and two coats of GT Quartz Titanium ceramic coating. This package has an amazing 10-year warranty.

All packages require yearly upkeep. We will go over the exact details, but the upkeep mostly consists of two washes and ceramic coating touch-ups per year at $100.00 per visit. We are sure you will agree that the peace of mind and the beauty of a well-preserved car is worth the investment. And damage avoided will help maintain the beauty and finish of your car. For more information on ceramic coating, contact The Auto Spa by City Collision today. 

Ceramic Coating in Oakland, PA

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